Lent 2018

Holy Week Schedule

Easter Egg Hunt | Cross Walk | Sunrise Easter Service Charleston, SC

Holy Week

Palm Sunday, March 25th
Contemporary Worship at 8:45am
Traditional Worship at 11:15am

Maundy Thursday Service, March 29th
Hosted by Cokesbury UMC at 7:00pm
Good Friday Cross Walk, March 30th
Meeting on the Bike Path at 8:30am
Good Friday Tenebrae Service, March 30th
The Tenebrae Service is at 8:00pm. A Prayer Vigil will begin after the Tenebrae Service and continue around the clock until Easter morning.
Easter Sunday, April 1st
Sunrise Service with Communion at 7:00am
Contemporary Worship at 8:45am
Traditional Worship at 11:15am

We are excited to join forces with Cokesbury UMC for this year's Maundy Thursday Service and Good Friday Tenebrae Service. Please note that the Maundy Thursday service will be hosted at Cokesbury (4990 Dorchester Road in North Charleston). The Tenebrae service will be hosted in our sanctuary per usual (3225 Ashley River Road). 

All Holy Week events are open to the public. Please invite friends, family members, casual acquaintances and complete strangers... We look forward to celebrating the good news together!


Reading Through the Gospels

Lenten Discipline | St. Andrews Parish United Methodist Church

Have you accepted Pastor Brad's "Lenten Discipline" challenge? Bookmarks were distributed on Sunday, and they featured a daily Bible reading for the entirety of Lent. By following the bookmark schedule (copied below for easy reference), you will read through the Jesus Story as found in the four Gospels of the New Testament.

Each Sunday features a reading from one of the Resurrection Stories. The early church mothers and fathers considered every Sunday to be a "little Easter," a reminder that we are Resurrection People. The reading schedule also includes the Passion Narrative, Jesus’ last few days and subsequent crucifixion. As we anticipate Easter, this schedule is designed to help us discover anew the story of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lenten Discipline 2018: Daily Bible Readings

  • Wednesday, Feb. 14th - Matthew 1-3
  • Thursday, Feb. 15th - Mark 1&2
  • Friday, Feb. 16th - Luke 1&2
  • Saturday, Feb. - John 1&2
  • Sunday, Feb. 18th - Matthew 28
  • Monday, Feb. 19th - Matthew 4-6
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20th - Mark 3&4
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21st - Luke 3&4
  • Thursday, Feb. 22nd - John 3&4
  • Friday, Feb. 23rd - Matthew 7&8
  • Saturday, Feb. 24th - Mark 5&6
  • Sunday,  Feb. 25th - Mark 16
  • Monday, Feb. 26th - Luke 5&6
  • Tuesday, Feb. 27th - John 5&6
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28th - Matthew 9-11
  • Thursday, Mar. 1st - Mark 7&8
  • Friday, Mar. 2nd - Luke 7&8
  • Saturday, Mar. 3rd - John 7-9
  • Sunday,  Mar. 4th - Luke 24
  • Monday, Mar. 5th - Matthew 12&13
  • Tuesday, Mar. 6th - Mark 9&10
  • Wednesday, Mar. 7th - Luke 9-11
  • Thursday,  Mar. 8th - John 10-12
  • Friday, Mar. 9th - Matthew 14-16
  • Saturday, Mar. 10th - Mark 11
  • Sunday,  Mar. 11th - John 20
  • Monday, Mar. 12th - Luke 12&13
  • Tuesday, Mar. 13th - Matthew 17&18
  • Wednesday, Mar. 14th - Luke 14&15
  • Thursday, Mar. 15th - Matthew 19&20
  • Friday, Mar. 16th - Luke 16&17
  • Saturday, Mar. 17th - Matthew 21&22
  • Sunday,  Mar. 18th - John 21
  • Monday, Mar. 19th - Matthew 23-25
  • Tuesday, Mar. 20th - Luke 18&19
  • Wednesday, Mar. 21st - Luke 20&21
  • Thursday, Mar. 22nd - Mark 12&13
  • Friday, Mar. 23rd - John 13&14
  • Saturday, Mar. 24th - John 15&16
  • Sunday,  Mar. 25th - John 17
  • Monday, Mar. 26th - Matthew 26
  • Tuesday, Mar. 27th - Matthew 27
  • Wednesday, Mar. 28th - Mark 14
  • Thursday, Mar. 29th - Mark 15
  • Friday, Mar. 30th - Luke 22&23
  • Saturday, Mar. 31st - John 18&19

The reading schedule begins February 14th in conjunction with Ash Wednesday. As you prepare your heart and mind for Lent, consider joining Pastor Brad for Drive Thru Ashes Wednesday morning between 7:00am and 9:00am, or join us for our traditional Ash Wednesday Service Wednesday evening at 7:00pm.

Drive Thru Ashes

Ash Wednesday is February 14th, and for the fourth year in a row, we will begin the Lenten season with Drive Thru Ashes in the church parking lot. 

Drive Thru Ashes | Ash Wednesday in Charleston

Drive Thru Ashes

February 14, 2018
St. Andrews Parish UMC
3225 Ashley River Road


Pastor Brad will have the Drive Thru open 7:00-9:00am. Please swing by on your way to work or school. Visitors will receive ashes and a quick prayer.

Can't make it to the Drive Thru? Join us for our traditional Ash Wednesday service at 7:00pm in the church sanctuary.