Health & Wellness

FAN (Faith Activity Nutrition)

FAN (Faith Activity Nutrition) is a faith-based program that helps churches create healthier communities. St. Andrews Parish UMC joined this movement in 2017 by establishing a FAN committee. Our FAN committee works in conjunction with other church ministries to promote physical activity and healthy eating habits. Health and wellness information is made available to church members on the FAN bulletin board. FAN updates and recipes are also published on the SAPUMC blog. 

Flu Vaccination Clinics

Flu vaccines are offered periodically. Announcements regarding vaccination clinics will be made in bulletins, newsletters and during Sunday morning worship services. 

CPR Classes

Many of our staff members (paid and volunteer) are CPR certified. The church periodically hosts CPR classes to ensure interested parties are up-to-date on proper techniques. Announcements regarding these classes will be made in bulletins, newsletters and Sunday morning worship services.